Many people on the internet are saying that a WebsterX and Allan Kingdom collab is unexpected. However, I completely disagree. For me, the Midwest rap kings’ collaboration is so natural that upon hearing “Kinfolk,” my first thought was “why hasn’t this happened sooner?”

“Kinfolk” is an incredibly wavy cut that demands a steady heady bob from its listeners from the get go. The production by Boathouse is ethereal, atmospheric, and impressively detailed. Layers of melodic synths are driven by underlying hip-hop snares and a hypnotic bassline to create an instrumental that is the perfect fusion of both rappers vibes into one cohesive track. WebsterX’s woozy, sing-song bars float along, his signature sound creating a flawless intro for Allan to come in and drop one of his animated verses. While their styles are typically contrasting, Allan and WebsterX seamlessly meld their verses together, creating an exceptionally focused and balanced track. “Kinfolk” is an impeccable example of a collaboration made in heaven, and I can only hope that this isn’t the last track from the two “midwest boys on a mission.”