We like to pretend we’re only one person- a linear story line shot out into the world. This lie of chronology makes it easier to live, but avoids the complications of the truth. We’re a fragmented jumble of different personas triple-exposed all over the same body. Inside all of us lives a multitude of people- and sometimes we can’t choose which one to be.

Mike Melinoe is unable to stop himself from revealing his other side. The video for “ZaddySayda” starts with a clip from “Demigod”, all chanted incantations over a mutated trap beat. The Demigod that Melinoe summons within himself is the vengeful, city-destroying type- and as the beat switches into the main feature, the Demigod only increases in energy.

This metaphor of demonic possession in the music is matched by the visuals. The video is almost entirely shots of Mike rapping while it flashes between different filters. It is simple- but the overlaid images stick together into one picture like moments stick together into a life. Mike fully embodies this perspective- losing himself to a rage so strong that a person can only hold it together for the length of a song. His words trip frantically over each other like the churn of waves in a hurricane. Three minutes later the beat stops, his voice can only carry on so much longer, and he’s forced to take a deep breath. The cycle continues.