In 2015 you can imagine yourself being drawn into a rap song for a lot of reasons. A catchy hook, warbled through a sheen of muddied Autotune. An airy beat with kicks like pillows dropped on a memory foam mattress. A beef fought with Emojis drafted as pawns.

But one area where 2015 can be found slightly deficient is in the realm of bars (excluding K Dot, who my Grandma likes, and therefore transcends “rap”). I am not saying this as some hardened Carhartt and Timbo’s purist who sheds a single tattoed tear every time that Young Thug howls. I think hip-hop’s continued evolution is the most exciting thing on the planet- other than maybe the proliferation of food trucks. I am just saying that the skill of saying a lot of things with studied poetic precision has been deemphasized in favor of other virtues.

I wrote this long prelude to state this simple fact: Jay IDK has bars. Specifically, he has bars on this song, and he wields them as if they were melee weapons used to bash in the ears of the listener. He raps about how he hasn’t seen his daddy since Bill Clinton was the presidents. He calls out his ex-manager for quitting via text message with a snarled line and a “Fuck Andy” cardboard sign. I think Andy made a big mistake. Look out for more from Jay IDK.