Seattle rapper Sol turned 27 earlier this week, and to celebrate his day of birth, he released “Growing Pains.” The aptly-titled song is a peek into Sol’s personal reflections on his life thus far. Imploring his beautifully poetic flow, he spits lyrics about growing up and learning from his past trials and tribulations to work towards a brighter future. “Growing Pains” shows the evolution of Sol as a person and artist in both the lyrics and the production. Every verse represents a different pivotal time in his life from age 18 to the present, and the instrumental also follows this progression. With each hook comes the addition of another small production element courtesy of Sol’s go-to production pair, The Zillas (Nima Skeemz and Elan Wright). What starts out as a simple laid-back hip-hop beat morphs into a soul-filled instrumental littered with reverberating guitar riffs and delicately subtle piano melodies. “Growing Pains” is a track that’s exceptionally identifiable and effortlessly addictive, so watch out–you’ll be head-bobbing to this track on repeat before you know it.