Y’all may or may not know this, but I have been harboring an intense obsession for anything and everything Jon Waltz does for quite some time now. While he can do no wrong in my eyes, my odd and somewhat picky taste leads me to firmly believe that my infatuation with his music is a greater reflection on his prowess as an artist than my personal bias. It has been several months since the Memphis rapper has graced our earholes with his amazing talents, but it was worth the wait.

In “Anna,” the first single off of his upcoming EP, Waltz tackles a new sound that leans more towards the pop end of the spectrum than his previous releases. For many artists, the transition from slightly off-beat to more widely accessible styles is a tough one. Jon Waltz, however, is not most artists and attacks the challenge of crafting something that attracts a new crowd while still satisfying original followers with exceptional grace. The attention to detail in “Anna” is unparalleled. The production is intricate and funky, the vocals are haunting, and the lyrics are intelligent and honest. On the surface it has the mass appeal of a pop song, but each listen reveals more and more of Waltz’s unique and wonderful eccentricities that separates him from every other artist. If anyone needs me I’ll be playing this track on repeat and pretending my name is Anna… I missed you too Jon.