If I am unfamiliar with an artist whom I want to write about, the first thing I usually do is google the track. While I recognized featuring artist Tapper, to my great astonishment, I couldn’t find much about Dbakez or producer Robbie Jay, and got even fewer results for “I Got Next” itself.

Why so astonished, you ask? Well, because “I Got Next” bumps pretty damn hard. For starters, the instrumental demands you to dance along. Seriously. Without even realizing it I found myself schmoney dancing in my office to this track, and being a person who scoffs in the face of stupid dance trends, I was shocked at how thoroughly I was enjoying myself. The production starts simple and slowly builds, opening with a haunting, looping piano riff as layers of high hats and snare beats are gradually thrown into the mix. Production aside, the rapping is also top notch. Dbakez and Tapper’s flows complement each other flawlessly; both dripping in swagger and confidence way beyond what you’d expect from two rappers from Connecticut (no offence to my CT peeps, it’s just a little difficult to shake the image of quiet, picturesque suburbia that initially comes to mind). While Dbakez initially captures your attention by spitting his opening bars over a minimalist piano melody, he fully lures you in with his sing-song hook that contains the perfect amount of autotune. There isn’t much buzz about “I Got Next” on the internet yet, but y’all better start listening to Dbakez’s claims; with a catchy hit like this, he’s definitely gonna be the next big thing.